What you need to know about vegan & cruelty free makeup by Caroline Jessett

What you need to know about vegan & cruelty free makeup

Is there a difference between vegan & cruelty free makeup?

We hear a lot nowadays about "vegan" and "cruelty free" makeup, and the terms are practically used interchangeably. While both "vegan" and "cruelty free" share the connotation of being animal friendly, they aren't the same at all.

Vegan Beauty Products

The term "vegan" refers to products that do not contain any animal byproducts in their ingredients. This means that vegan products, by definition, should not contain things like:

  • albumen, egg protein and other derivatives from eggs
  • ambergris
  • bee products such as bee pollen, beeswax, honey, royal jelly
  • carmine or carminic acid
  • cerebrocides
  • chitosan
  • gelatin
  • keratin
  • lanolin
  • linoleic acid
  • milk proteins and whey
  • polypeptides and polysorbates
  • retinol
  • silk or silk powder

"Vegan" is about what's IN the cosmetics, but not necessarily how the products are tested for safety.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

The term "cruelty free" refers to the assurance that the products are not - and have not been - tested on animals. Sadly, many brands of cosmetics test the safety of their products by exposing animals to various cosmetic ingredients using methods like:

  • rubbing chemicals onto shaved skin
  • dripping chemicals into eyes
  • force-feeding studies (over weeks or months)
  • lethal dose tests (determining the dose that would cause death)

No pain relief is provided to test animals, and at the end of the tests, the animals are killed. Test animals may not fall under the protection of animal welfare legislation, especially if they are laboratory-bred. However, the legal definition of "cruelty free" may not be consistent, so in some cases, a product can be legally labelled "cruelty free" even if there has been some experimentation on animals along the line.

Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup

Just because a brand is vegan doesn't automatically mean it's cruelty free. The products themselves may not contain animal-derived ingredients but may have been tested on animals. Conversely, a cruelty free brand might include animal-derived products.

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