Personalised Baby Shower Gifts – Gifts That Come Straight From The Heart... And Bump! by Anna La Tessa

Personalised Baby Shower Gifts –  Gifts That Come Straight From The Heart... And Bump!

As a mummy-to-be, you'll have a lot going on right now, especially if you're planning your own gender reveal party or baby shower. So finding the perfect personalised baby shower favours shouldn't become an added stress. And, if you recently enjoyed your bump-to-be party, finding the perfect thank you gifts shouldn't take up any more of your precious time than it has to. 

No doubt you'll have seen the videos of dramatic and exciting gender reveals, and bright, colourful, fun-filled baby showers on social media. These parties are becoming increasingly popular. If you're hosting something similar, you might think that you can't afford personalised baby shower gifts to match all the vivid swank. But you'd be wrong. Small, customised gifts speak volumes. 

And if you're looking for something a little more modest and chic than the in-your-face offerings of large gender colour balloons, fireworks, confetti and baby bottles filled with sweets, there are perfect baby shower gifts out there for you too.

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Favours

Baby shower thank you gifts tend to be quite cutesy, which is all well and good if that's what you want, or if your guests have babies who adore that kind of stuff. To buy something which your adult guests will genuinely enjoy receiving, you'll have to think outside the box.

Choose something to customise that, rather than just focusing on baby-to-be, is unique and as fun as your personality. Pregnancy puns are a great inspiration for these quirky types of gift. For example, a tree sapling in a burlap pouch so that even your single friends can "raise a little one of their own"! Or a mason jar filled with popcorn kernels with a note that reads "I'm about to pop, now you are too!"

And, if you'd like your friends to keep your gifts for a long time, try to choose a useful item to give. Like a personalised cold-drink koozie with a colour-coordinated can in them (non-alcoholic, of course), or a notebook, or a customised compact mirror.... Like the ones we sell!

Baby Shower Thank You Gifts from Say It With Polish

At Say It With Polish, we offer stylish, personalised baby shower favours such as our nail polishes. Not only can you customise the colour to your favourite shade of blue or pink for an exciting way of revealing your bump's gender, you can also personalise the bottle's label! From logos and thank you messages, to one-off designs, anyone receiving your baby shower thank you gift will be reminded of you and your bump for months to come. That's how durable and chip-resistant they are!

Personalised Baby Shower Gifts Everyone Will Love

When you're ready to design your presents, just head to our online design page to get cracking on personalising your polish. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us for help coming up with some cool, possibly punny ideas and to place your order.


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